Girls soccer game

Our girls soccer team had there second game of the season. It was a thriller most of the game. Both side played there best. Our girls displayed a sportsmanship to be proud of, each of our young ladies carried themselves as a winner on and off the field, this is the real evidence of a champion. The score was a tie 1-1. Our girls hit the goal post 5 times and had 3 open net opportunities, Our girls showed excellent passing skills and position movement. Great game to watch and fun to see the spectators come and enjoy the campus grounds.

New Beginning Center

 New Beginnings Center

New Beginnings Center

Sak Saum moves in


Our new beginnings building is almost finished and part of Sak Saum was able to move into it this past week. This will allow Sak Saum more room to work and move. All of our fabric was moved from Phnom Penh to the center. It will be easier for Sak Saum and make things go smoother and faster. We are so happy and excited to be expanding and growing.


Mothers Day in Saang

Mother's Day was on May 8th! Here at GCCS we celebrated through our church service. After worship, a group of women from Sak Saum got up and sang a beautiful song about motherhood and then our youth acted out a drama about being a mother. Pastor Pheaktra read a poem and gave a short message. All of the mothers in the service then came up to have their feet washed by their children. The church handed out a sarang to all of the mothers and they were prayed over. There were many tears of joy and thankfulness from the mothers and children. Happy Mothers Day!

Khmer New Year 2016

On Saturday April 9th IHSC hosted a Khmer New Year party. It lasted all afternoon into the evening. We had a whole bunch of different things going on. The party began with different traditional Khmer games that everyone enjoyed playing. We had a cake eating contest, a water balloon fight, tug of war, and smashed a bunch of clay pots. Towards the end of the night there was dancing and powder was everywhere. We had big speakers playing dance music. There was a lot of laughter and smiles.